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"But then, when I get the occasional human customer, right here, my pulse races. It’s hard to explain, but it’s…enjoyable.”

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me looking at a character i love: look at this piece of shit fuckwad asshole. someone just punch him in the fucking face. terrible. disgusting. illegal trash. utter garbage. i want to strangle him. fuck him lmao FUCK HIM.

someone: That character is terrible.



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25 years ago…

"Then the most shocking orca death took place on August 21, 1989, in front of thousands ofhorrified fan, again in San Diego. It involved Corky II and Kandu V, an Icelandic female about fourteen years of age. (In 1987 witnesses reported that Kandu violently collided into Corky, leaving a three-foot-gash along Corky’s stomach.)

Kandu had been resting in a back pool with her one-year-old calf, Orkid, along with Corky. Corky had shown undue interest in the calf, something that agitated Kandu intensely. Though younger and smaller than the twenty-five-year-old Corky, Kandu had exerted dominance over her from the beginning. On this day, she engaged in a “normal, socially induced act of aggression to assert her dominance over Corky,” according to Dr. James F. McBain, Kandu’s veterinarian at SeaWorld.

Kandu slammed her head into Corky, severing a major artery in Kandu’s upper jaw. Blood stained the back pool and a ten-foot geyser of crimson spouted from Kandu’s blowhole. Over the next fortyfive minutes Kandu bled to death as SeaWorld staff and the audience looked on in helpless distress.

The activist group Greenpeace was the harshest critic of Kandu’s death. Benjamin D. Deeble, an ocean ecologist for the group, contended that Corky and Kandu had been aggressive toward each other from the beginning and should have been separated years ago. This type of attack went well beyond the ritualistic displays of aggression found in the wild. Kandu’s death was a sign of things gone wrong at SeaWorld, he said.

“Even a four-million-gallon enclosure is a tiny pool for killer whales, because these animals in the wild swim over a hundred miles a day,” Deeble told The New York Times in a major article on the incident. “An orca in captivity is like an eagle in a parakeet cage.” Greenpeace had long opposed captivity for orcas because they “almost invariably” died within eight years of capture,he said, adding that females lived up to eighty years in nature and males could reach fifty.

SeaWorld had rejected the allegations.” [x]


Video of the incident (WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Wow, that was their official word on it back then?

I’m not sure a ‘normal, socially induced act of aggression to assert her dominance’ should result in internally-severed arteries. Seems pretty counterproductive to orcas not dying on a day-to-day basis per their normal interactions. ಠ_ಠ;

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OH EFFFFFFF NO! HOLD EVERYTHING. Really kyoani? Really??? Still no makorin end card?? I don’t even know why I’m still expecting one but YOU HAVE 5 EPISODES LEFT! PLS FIX THIS TRAGEDY!!

Like effing dang, do I have to make my own makorin end card? DO I???? 

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we get an ending screen for Makoto and Kisumi but not Makoto and Rin…


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matching icons for you and your friends because we are all winners here.

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